Four communities developing Inga-based permaculture

The community of Motacusal subsist from harvesting Brazil nuts. They are one of the first communities in Bolivia to participate in the Latin American phenomenon of ‘Bosque de los Niños‘ whereby forest is set-aside to be managed by the children of the community.

The community of Pimpollo subsist from harvesting brazil nuts and farming cassava, rice and bananas through ‘slash-and-burn’. The people of Pimpollo are unique in two respects: they are recent migrants from the highlands of the Andes and secondly they are ‘Israelites’ belonging to sect who trace their ancestry back to Israel.
The community of Palacio on the banks of the river Tahumanu subsist from Brazil nut harvesting and wild rubber tapping. They are also one of the first communities to engage with the ‘Bosque de los niños‘ phenomenon and are currently experimenting with aquaculture.
The community of San Jose subsist from Brazil nuts harvested in a concession several hours journey from their village. They are on of the more recent communities to develop a long term development plan with our partners, the NGO Herencia.

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