Our strategy for delivering Inga agroforests

By working through the process of producing an agroforest with each community and having them make key decisions at each step we aim to generate capacity as well as buy-in for this attempt at permaculture

Agroforests were first promoted in the 1980’s but have never taken off in Latin America despite substantial investment through the World Agroforestry Centre. We don’t know why this is the case: whether too much burden of risk was placed on poor farmers, whether there was not enough engagement with farmers or whether the investment just never made it to the ground.  To try and avoid the same fate  we aim to deliver farmers with functioning agroforests at no expense to themselves and to do so in partnership with them and in a participative manner. So each system will be tailor-made to each community according to their priorities, interests and circumstances. This builds on the substantial institutional capacity generated within each community by Herencia over the last few years.


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