Monitoring our progress

Jazmín Daza is a vital part of our team and engages with the four communities in a participative manner, collecting baseline data and facilitating the decision-making within each community needed to make sure that our agroforest plots are serving their purpose

As highlighted in an earlier post the use of Agroforests have not been widely adopted in Latin America. Whilst we don’t know why this is we intend to maximise its chance of success in the Amazon by ensuring that the communities who adopt it are fully engaged and in control of how it is delivered. This we hope will make it more likely to keep it going once our intervention is complete. This approach involves participative monitoring of progress and consultation over where plots are located and what crops are grown as well as the provision of training that will see them masters of the technology and potential teachers to other communities in the region.

Palacio 2
Children from Palacio community contributing the baseline on awareness of tree species diversity for the monitoring of our impact on awareness of the value of biodiversity

In order to monitor the progress and impact of our initiative and so better understand what is functioning and what is not, we are working  with our four partner communities to generate baseline information. This includes an assessment of their  current knowledge and use of forest trees, of their understanding of agroforest and of their current agricultural needs, nutritional and economic. Later on we will solicit feedback on how they feel the project and work is progressing.

Family from Motacusal community participating in generation of baseline data

Jazmín has designed a questionnaire that she is taking to each community. Answering the questionnaire involves visits to their forests, discussions with community members and working with children as well as adults. The idea is that we build a picture of the current state of knowledge, the economic situation of community members and their needs that we can then monitor progress against in two and three year’s time.

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