Presentation to the Amazonian University of the Pando

DSC01693sm -edited
The audience at my presentation about our work with Inga and an overview of our

Forest Futures projectOn March 11 I gave a presentation to the Universidad Amazónica de Pando (UAP, Amazonian University of  Pando) about our work whose aim is to return degraded land to productivity using Inga agroforest. Also the broader aims of our Forest Futures project too. I was very fortunate in having a good audience and several good questions. We hope to collaborate with the University’s Agroforestry module and involve students in undertaking some of the research on the mpacts of Inga agroforest that we do not have the resources to undertake. In addition the University is keen to establish a demonstration plot, so a very rewarding morning!

Part of the UAP campus dedicated to the biological / environmental sciences. UAP is relatively well resourced and keen to collaborate with Herencia and our Forest Futures project

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