First agroforest plot two months on

Our first agroforest plot in Motacusal pictured at the end of April 2014, two months after planting. You can see the bright green shoots of new growth. Click on the image to learn more about our project and what we are trying to achieve.

It is now two months since planting our first agroforest plot at the end of  February.  Rolman Velarde and Rodrigo Flores have been returning every two weeks to assess how the seedlings are doing: how many have died, how they have grown and the development of weeds. As you can see comparing the image above and below the seedlings have produced new growth and incredibly none have died.  Whilst weeds have grown up they are not encroaching on the seedlings’ light. It is important for us to document weed growth as estimating the weeding frequency and associated cost will be a significant factor in determining how attractive such a permaculture system is to local people.

The same Motacusal plot at the time of planting two months earlier. To know more about how we are planning to deliver agroforest plots click on the image

One of the seedlings two months after planting. You can see that there is significant new growth: the seedling has more than doubled in height.




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