Terry Pennington

Terry Pennington is an expert on Inga and of its use in agroforestry having published detailed descriptions and illustrations of all ca 300 species and spent many years researching and promoting their use in agroforestry culminating in his 1998 book on Inga utilization. Terry’s role is to provide technical advice and trouble-shooting as well as oversee the final product.

Terry Pennington is the World’s expert on the genus Inga, the group of trees that we believe are best suited to agroforestry in this region

2 thoughts on “Terry Pennington”

  1. The Cochabamba Project has been supporting the development of agroforestry systems across the Bolivian Amazon in the departments of Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Beni and La Paz with no less than 12 native species since 2009, following research with the FAO, which itself started in 2002. Not all species are selected for their nitrogen value but of these Tejeyeque (centrolobium tomentosum) has proved the most successful as it is also a valuable timber species. Whilst soil enrichment is a very valuable part of the equation, the big issue of how to recover value from timber sustainably, still needs to be addressed, so the long term value of timber as part of the whole land use planning is extremely important. Helping farmers recover value from accessible ( and more uniform) trees of a wider range of native species is a very important function.

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