Type of Urtica lappulacea aka Rousselia lappulacea

Fronts piece of the publication by botanist and student of Linnaeus, Olof Swartz, in which the basionym, Urtica lappulacea was described and illustrated in 1787

Lithocnide Rafinesque, Fl. Tell. 3: 48. Nov-Dec 1837 (‘1836’). ≡ Rousselia Gaudichaud-Beaupré 1830

[Conserved name] Rousselia Gaudichaud-Beaupré in Freycinet, Voyage Monde Bot. 503. Mar 1830 (‘1826’).
T.: R. lappulacea (Swartz) Gaudichaud-Beaupré (l.c. t. 98) (Urtica lappulacea Swartz) in Kongl. Vetenskaps Academiens Nya Handlingar 8: 69. 1787.

Urtica lappulacea is the basionym of Rousselia lappulacea, type of the genus Rousselia in the nettle family Urticaceae. This genus is distinguished by its small female inflorescences consisting of two female flowers fused at their base and enclosed in two sets of bracts. The genus is restricted to the Greater Antilles and Southern Mexico.

tab 2 fig 2 P1010237
Illustration of the basionym Urtica lappulacea by Olof Swartz in his 1787 publication. The level of detail is very impressive for this time.
tab 2 fig 2 b-l P1010239
Detail of Swartz’s illustration which constitutes the type element for this species epiphet. Legend, left to right: i) a pedicelular bract with adjacent female flower, h) two female flowers fused at their base, g) pair of fused female and associated pedicelular bracts, f) female inflorescence, e) stamen, d) male flower, c) male flower in bud, b) male inflorescence, m & l) fruit, k) infructescence
Olof Swartz’s original description of Urtica lappulacea in Latin



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