UK Ambassador visits and we present our project to the Governor of the Pando

HM Ambassador to Bolivia, Ross Denny talking with the leader of the San Jose community on a visit to one of our agroforest plots in Bolivia. Click on link to see clip of children being filmed for BoliviaTV. Image Alejandro Araujo.

As well as working directly with rural communities through our collaboration with the Bolivian NGO Herencia, the strategy for our project is to influence regional decision-makers. We were very lucky therefore to be able to host a visit by our Ambassador, Ross Denny and for him to use the opportunity to formally introduce our project to the Governor of the Pando, Lúis Adolfo Flores Roberts. Ross Denny visited our agroforest demonstration plot, tree diversity inventory plot and the children’s Bosque de los Niños forest reserve being developed in collaboration with Herencia. Ross’s visit attracted a lot of interest from the local media which we were able to benefit from through several television interviews with Ross himself, forest engineer Rolma Velarde and I, to be broadcast nationally soon.

Rolman Velarde giving an interview to BoliviaTV about root nodules in INga and their contribution to soil rehabilitation. Image Alejandro Araujo.

Ross Denny’s visit also provided us with an opportunity to present the project to the Governor of the Pando and so broaden our connections with the regional Government which could prove valuable if we decide to scale-up our project. It also allowed us to highlight the historical links between the UK and the Pando which date back to the 19thC and so hopefully foster more links between the Pando and the UK.


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