Training students from the Amazonian University of the Pando

Explicación Inga
Students from UAP visiting our partner community, Palacio where Rolman Velarde is explaining and demonstrating the use of Inga agroforest to restore slash-and-burn sites to productivity. Image, Juan Fernando Reyes, Herencia

As well as promoting sustainable alternatives to slash-and-burn our Darwin Initiative Forest Futures project also seeks to raise awareness of the value of natural forest and alternatives to its unsustainable use. With this aim Juan Fernando Reyes and Rolman Velarde from Herencia ran a two-part course for 60 students and lecturers from the Environmental Engineering programme of the Amazonian University of the Pando (UAP). The first part of the course took place at UAP and provided an overview of the ecosystem services that the Amazon provides to the Pando but also at a regional and global level.

The second part of the course took part at one of our partner communities, Palacio. This consisted of demonstrating sustainable agricultural practices: aquaculture and the restoration of soils to productivity using Inga agroforestry. The students were also able to visit our monitoring plot where together with partners from the Museo Noel Kempf we are evaluating the biodiversity and carbon sequestration of the Pando’s forests.

First batch of fish farmed by the Palacio community as part of a Herencia initiated project. These fish are called Pacu and are seven months old and already at commercial weight

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