Tree planting on ex rubbish dump in Cobija

Staff from our partner NGO Herencia and RBG Kew planting seedlings of Inga edulis on an cleared rubbish dump on the outskirts of Cobija

Whilst in Cobija we were invited to participate in a mass planting of native tree seedlings around the town as part of an initiative organised by students from the University of the Pando. The students had decided to plant about 5,000 seedlings around Cobija with help from Bolivia’s Ministry of the Environment & Water and the support of the Ministry of Education. This particular site was a large unofficial rubbish dump next to their campus. Fortunately it had been cleared of rubbish prior to planting.

Amelia Baracat planting an Inga seedling in the searing heat, after having tried to clear away as many of the old plastic bags littering the site as she could

What was exciting for us was not just the fact that this initiative had been initiated and organized by the students but the fact that all but one  of the species planted were native. Something that most municipal planting in the UK fails to do. It shows that the students way ahead of most local authorities in London!

One of the Inga seedlings we planted. In a couple of years it should produce its first fruit and the rubbish dump should look very different

Other sites planted including part of the military barracks in Cobija. Most of the seedlings planted should survive, they looked well produced and the wet season is about to reach its peak, meaning that they should not need any maintenance.



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