Flooded forest agroforest plot five months after planting

Forest Engineer Rolman Velarde standing between two rows of Inga saplings planted in the middle of May at our Palacios site. The site is on wha would be flooded or ‘varzea’ forest had it not been cut to grow rice. Click to see a clip of the site (in English)

Our plot at Palacios is located in seasonally flooded forest on the banks of the Tahumanu river. This meant that we had to plant our seedlings after the flood had receded as they would probably not have survived if completely immersed. The up-side of flooding though is that the soils are rich and the seedlings, although planted late, have grown well. When the next floods occur in February they will be tall enough not to be completely submersed and so should survive. It might seem strange that a slash-and-burn site on such rich alluvial soils should be abandoned and this was something I was keen to find out from the community. They explained that after a year or more weeds invade the site very aggressively and are very difficult to remove. We are hoping that Inga‘s rapid growth, spreading crown and large leaves should act as an effective weed-suppressant. It may be that weed control could be one of the main uses of Inga in the Amazon.

The Palacios plot five months after planting. This plot is aimed at supporting the cultivation of annual crops, fruit trees and mahogany as timber. Growth has been strong but the plot needs weeding soon. Click to see Rolman Velarde talking about the site in Spanish.

The trees at Palacios have grown well, on average over 11 cm per month. Currently they range from 1.0-1.5 m in height at six months since planting. With the most intense rains to come they should increase this rate significantly over the next few months. They still need weeding, probably until after the next floods,. The community seem pleased with progress too and are planning another plot for after the next floods.



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